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Today, organizations including your own, recognize the importance of Marketing Analytics and are looking to reshape people with potential by equipping them with marketing analytics skillsets. At this juncture, a course in Advanced Marketing Analytics can become the turning point of your career.

Supercharge your career

Mastering Advanced Marketing Analytics will take you to the next level— both in terms of your approach to analytics as well as the value you ing to your organisation. From a career perspective, this is an opportunity you just can’t miss.

RainMan-Learn from industry experts

RainMan has for the last decade worked with leading organisations, (including Unilever, ITC, Wipro, Kellogs, among others) empowering them with big picture insights and the tools they need to effectively capitalize on opportunities.

Learn from us and you’ll benefit from the real-world knowledge and the proven perspectives only experienced practitioners of the art of analytics possess.

What you need to get started.

Ideally, you will need a few years of work experience in IT/Marketing/ Sales or basic analytics to benefit from the program.

RainMan School of Data Science #1323, Ground Floor, 13th Cross, 2nd Stage Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038 Ph: 080 40936355

Program details

Our program has been designed at two levels-

Advanced Analytics Training-Level 1

This is for those who have been transferred or hired into Analytics, which means that they have domain expertise or theoretical knowledge of statistics/IT but are not trained in practical analytics.

This course is designed to help them reach a level, where they can build basic models across marketing and sales and derive insights and way forward from these analytics.

Those attending do not need a background in statistics or IT but need keen interest to master new techniques.

Batch commences on
8th of January 2020

Advanced Analytics Training-Level 2

This is for those who have completed part 1 or are already at that stage through study or experience.

This part will focus on more complex methodologies that may be required for some projects.

To be part of this, some basic skill sets need to have been mastered.

Course will be offered in March 2020.


A combination of lectures, actual work in class and projects to be completed at home.

Each course will consist of 120 hours of class room work and 60 hours of additional work is expected during the course. These will be completed in 3 calendar months.

Classes will be every Wednesday (2pm to 6pm) and Saturday (9am to 5pm).


Classes will be conducted at the RainMan premises at Domlur, Bangalore.

Batch Size

Small—Between 12 and 15


Batches for Advanced Analytics—Level 1 will begin on the 8th of January 2020.


1. Level 1 — ₹1.9 lacs plus GST.
2. Level 2 — ₹2.5 lacs plus GST.

RainMan School of Data Science #1323, Ground Floor, 13th Cross, 2nd Stage Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038 Ph: 080 40936355

Real world industry expertise

Our faculty combine extensive academic knowledge with practical hands-on industry know-how.

 Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar has spent the last 21 years in Data Analysis/Analytics/Data Science. His expertise is in the application of Mathematics/Statistics/OR to business and marketing problems. These problems span across Marketing ROI, Budget Optimisation, pricing, media and promotional impact. He has worked in companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Wunderman Worldwide, Computer Science Corp & Reliance ADAG Group. Krishna Kumar has also been trained on regulatory analytics such as Basel 2 and Solvency 2.

In this arena, he excels in the measurement of financial risk, the mathematics of the stock market and in fixed income securities. He is currently the Chief Analytical Officer & Director at RainMan Consulting. He has also in the last 12 years taught Business Analytics at NMIMS Bangalore. He holds a MSc in Statistics from the Bangalore University.

 Manohar Rao

Manohar Rao has over three decades of experience as a practitioner in marketing and general management, and in analytics consulting roles in business, spanning diverse geographies - India, Europe and the US - and diverse industries - consumer products, and telecom and software. Companies and clients Manohar has worked with include the Tata and SANMAR groups, Beardsell, CyberTech Systems & Software, Diageo, Ferrero, ITC, Johnson & Johnson, Norsk Data and Unilever.

He also has over a decade of teaching experience as a visiting faculty in such MBA schools such as Bharatidasan Institute of Management (Bangalore Campus),

NMIMS and XIME, and as a resource for corporate training workshops with organisations such as Microsoft Hyderabad. He has won ten annual awards in recognition for "Outstanding Contribution" at one of the schools (IIPM).

Subjects that Manohar teaches are statistics, marketing research, and business analytics - in all of which he has extensive academic and practical, hands-on experience. Manohar is a graduate of IIT Madras (1979) and IIM Ahmedabad (1981).

 Mullai Manavalan

Mullai Manavalan has spent 20 years in Software and more recently into Big Data and Data Science. His expertise is in Machine Learning algorithms and in Artificial Intelligence. He excels in the use, of a plethora of software that is needed for Data Science/Big Data- from SAS to SPSS to R to Python and in software such as Hadoop for Big Data. He has worked on many challenging projects in Healthcare, Education, e-Governance and e-commerce domains.

Mullai holds a MSc in Mathematics from the University of Madras. He also holds 2 Post Graduate diplomas - one in Systems Analysis and another in Business Analytics & Intelligence from IIM(B).

RainMan School of Data Science #1323, Ground Floor, 13th Cross, 2nd Stage Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038 Ph: 080 40936355


RainMan School of Data Science
#1323, Ground Floor, 13th Cross,
2nd Stage Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038
Ph: 080 40936355

RainMan School of Data Science #1323, Ground Floor, 13th Cross, 2nd Stage Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038 Ph: 080 40936355